April 8th, 2009

Its going.

Dianne now has here Arizona AFOs, which are as good as we have any right to expect, given past experiences.  She is still not doing any walking except five or six steps at a time, two or three times a day.  She is conscienciously doing the exercizes she can do while sitting or lying down to build up her strength.  She is still incredibly weak and packing around 100 pounds of excess weight (and she is a  small woman).  With each day the discouragement is mounting, but so is the progress.  The progress is going very slowly, but I think it is progress.

Yesterday we took a walk in the sunshine--first 70 degree day this year, first time we've been out in 8 months just to be out.  Always we are going from point A to point B, and almost always in the car.  We took Nikki, of course.  It was very pleasant, and Dianne commented on how pleasant it was.  Since I am a person who lives too much of his life inside his own head,  I need to be more aware of her need for a variety of experiences and do my part to keep her life interesting!