February 4th, 2009

Computer Illiteracy

I've just joined my first LJ "communities"aspergers  and contemplatives .  I don't know whether I will stay with aspergers or not.  There is one older personold_cutter_john who seems to give helpful and appreciated advice.  Most of the people who post are kids in their teens and early twenties, emerging into independence and adulthood while struggling with their autism.  Since I have just become aware (17 months ago) of my own autism I feel rather useless as an elder.  I probably will not post, and now other aspergers community posts are dominating my "friends page."  I have responded to several of the posts, but I'm not sure I've said anything useful.

Contemplatives community is a totally different matter.  It was started only a month ago and now has 17 members.  The five or six people who have posted have all had things to say that I appreciated and found useful.  There is about 1 thread started every 5 or 6 days, and the last two were mine.  In my experience, not many people who are interested in contemplative spirituality are willing to express that interest on the internet.  I can sure understand that, some media and some subject matters are just not compatable.  I would love to see this community continue for the benefit of those of us who think we need it. Collapse )