December 22nd, 2008

"Awe," by "trudy"

On the way to the play we stopped to look at the stars
and as usual
I felt in awe
and then I felt even deeper in awe about this capacity we have to be
in awe about something.

Then I became even more awestruck
at the thought that I was,
in some small way,
a part of that
which I was in awe about.

And this feeling went on
and on
and on......
My space chums got a word for it:

Because at the point you can comprehend
how incomprehensible it all is,
you are about as smart as you need to be.

Suddenly. I burst into song:
sweet mystery of life,
at last I've found thee."

And I felt so good inside
and my heart felt so full,
I decided I would set time aside each day to do

Because at the moment you are most in awe of all there is
about life that you don't understand,
you are closer to understanding it all
than at any other time.

     Jane Wagner, The search for signs of intelligent life in the universe,, 1986.