December 18th, 2008

Pain and Prayer

One more thought for the day:

....pain and sorrow and loads of cares
Are the lot of God.s friends in the world.
Pain is better than the dominion of the world,
So that thou mayest call on God in secret,
The cries of those free from pain are dull and cold.
The cries of the sorrowful come from burning hearts.

        Maulana Jalalu-'d-din Muhammed Rumi
       Masnavi, Book III, Story I (final lines)

Sorry to focus on pain.  My spouse is now beginning here sixth year in a wheelchair.  This year she broke a hip and an ankle and it is unlikely (given about 14 other medical problems) that she will ever walk well.  My friend and mentor, Bob W has added rapidly advancing Alzheimer's to his other ailments; he is younger than I but has had to be placed in a nursing home.  The last time we were able to talk face to face, he commented that the "healthy" people need the prayers of the ill more than the ill need the prayers of the healthy.  He didn't say why, but Rumi gives an answer.  Peace and good health to all, because I still think health is better than sorrow--but maybe health needs to be redefined.