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Just watched Captain Correli's Mandolin which triggered old memories suitable for fourth stepping. 

We moved to Ketchikan in the middle of World War II, just after the tide turned in our favor, just before i turned 10.  As an island community very near the Pacific Ocean we were defended by a small encampment, a platoon, i think, of Military Police.  Their main job was to defend the water and power system, and of course defend us in the event of an invasion which never came.  They say that whenever war isn't violent it is boring.
These young Southern soldiers were not opera singers, nor did they, as a group, have any other particular talent or interest, that i could discern.  There was, of course, one exception; they shared with other young men, an interest in, perhaps an obsession with, sex.  My house was the nearest civilian facility, so i became their "mascot" with whom they eagerly shared their interest.

The pornography consisted of poorly plotted and constructed short stories featuring a sexually adventurous young virgin on her eighteenth birthday, a thirty or forty something couple and their teen aged son.  Various sexual encounters among different combinations of these four people were described in elaborate detail.  Sixty-eight years later i could probably repeat some of those stories almost line for line.

I do not know if or how this experience shaped my attitudes toward women, men, sex, or human relationships.  Autistic people probably have a different view of all this anyway.  I do know that i considered my sexual thoughts to be somewhat perverse well into adulthood.  I am sure that in the twenty=first century these soldiers' kindness would be considered perverse and perhaps criminal.

And i do consider their actions to have been kind.  I recall their interest in me having been benign and genuine.
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