bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Writer's Block: If I were president ...

What would you do if you were president or prime minister for a day?

Well, if you saw the movie (Shoes of the Fisherman) where Anthony Quinn plays the Pope and  gives away the resources of the Catholic Church in order to prevent mass hunger in a nation that was an enemy of the Church, you will have some idea of what i would hope i would do with power if it were ever thrust upon me.  What i would probably actually do however, would be somewhat less noble.  I would probably let the neo- Conservatives, the Fundamentalists, the Tea Party people and the neo-Nazis know that what they imagine is their effort to "save" America is actually destroying this place.  None of this "errors are made on both sides" crap. (all though errors are made on all sides).  I would say, you are responsible for this evil mess, acknowledge it, stop spreading the blame so thin that it is meaningless and take responsibility for your crackpot ideas, your ugly attitude toward people who are not like you or don't agree with you, and your selfishness.  Join the human race, or shut up, crawl back into your suburban houses, your professional offices, & your corporate board rooms,  and let people who actually care about this world try to do something about it.
Tags: writer's block
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